Adventures of Nicole

Activitat a Barcelona

Dates: del 8/2/2024 al 29/2/2024

Missatge de l'espectacle: «In the aftermath of her husband's passing a decade ago, Nicole immerses herself in the world of cheap erotic novels and the comforting embrace of the church. However, as her life gradually loses its vitality, Nicole yearns for something more - a connection, a spark, and the intoxicating magic of love. When whispers of a new online dating app reach her through friends at the local hairdresser's, Nicole, initially showing disinterest, finds her heart skipping a beat. Fueled by desire and mysterious uncertainty, she summons the courage to register, setting in motion a series of unexpected events that propel her on a breathtaking journey in pursuit of love.»   Writer and Director: Greta Grini?t? Assistant Director and Movement Coordinator: Rober Gómez Actress/Actors: Ednalyn Jaspe, Rober Gómez, Tika Kodua, Lena Sakalla, Aldo D'Ibaños, Alexander Ananasso, Cristina Cretegny, Alina Anghel, Greta Grini?t?, Salva Rey, Jonathan Bella Luto

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Dijous: 20 h   Durada: 1h 30 min.


C. de Sant Antoni Abat, 12

Teatre del Raval

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